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At Ageirein we are dedicated to assisting you in a path of greater health and well-being. We have combined our talents, in an environment of treating causes not merely symptoms.


Our fervent belief in the assessment process compelled us to create a coherent path from assessment to therapy that encourages vibrant health. A thorough evaluation is the basis for uncovering the true cause in identifying the blockages. Doing so greatly reduces the time to return to a healthy state by early identification of causes and simplified protocols.


Using the latest technology in electrodermal / electroacupuncture along with the purest in energetically tuned products and my 20 year experience in related skills, … Applying, the right Remedy, at the right Level, at the right Time, in the right Sequence.

Health is a necessity of life and essential to a fulfilled life

We offer our Personal Assessment Service in person or remote and offer a vast number of protocols targeting and commoditizing the more common issues found today.

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“Firstly the mind must be healed, and secondly the body must be made sound. If the mind is healthy, conforming to a path of integrity, then the body becomes sturdy on its own accord.”
– Usui Mikao

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The importance of the kidney and healing

Kidneys perform the essential function of removing toxins and other “deemed” waste products from the blood. This, for an average adult to be 100 >150 quarts for blood to produce 1 to 2 quarts of urine, composed of wastes and what the body deems extra fluid.