As the title suggests, there is actually three topics and my thought was I could do this in one blog post, but I can’t, it’s just too much information for any one blog read. I don’t want to loose you far to quickly, unless of course you are tuned in and turned on to the same things I am.

But before I start …

These are my thoughts as they have been presented to me, some of it through education, and I have shared them freely. You may choose to be skeptical; it’s your right, your choice. Thank you.

I have learned how important it is to write things down. Doesn’t mean it needs to be pencil or pen to paper, electronic is fine too. Why? I have learned that when the gifts that are presented to me or to you, DO NOT transfer to the physical plain until they are actually written outside of the context of your thoughts.

So what I’m saying to you is when something comes to you, write it down! Dream something important; write it down right away on awakening… It will not transfer to the physical plain until you do. If not, you will likely forget its importance not long after you awake or otherwise.

In starting to document my findings and thoughts in Vibrational and Resonance therapy I have changed my ways and drastically improved my practice and myself since I have become attuned to this.

This blog, and the following parts to this are a result of the work I do, and with the gifts that have been provided to me.

I hope you will enjoy any small part of what I have shared

So to begin…

Part One – Our Planet Earth

I’m sure some days for those of you that are more connected and tuned in will notice that more times than not lately, some days you just feel off, can’t put your finger on it, some say “disconnected”. You have likely noticed, that there will be days when you’ll really feel almost a bit dizzy really, and ungrounded. You may relate on those days on the news, a lot of strange and sometimes horrible things happen. The Earth is trying to heal that which is causing destruction, all of humanity is experiencing these waves moving through them largely because it was the frequency that humanity brought which began to cause these problems. As the Earth itself is releasing waves of energy that have been compressed, these waves of energy are affecting humanity and they are affecting the creatures too. So every time those waves come up, lots of people find themselves suddenly ungrounded or disconnect in the feelings. It’s imperative to feel yourself deeply connected to the Earth, especially during these stressful times. So when you’re feeling scattered like that, its important to ground yourself.

To explain

There is a bio-magnetic field around our physical body commonly known as our “auric field”. This field contains our personal energetic signature. If your auric field is not maintained, you are susceptible to picking up foreign energy from others, being energetically depleted, and unnecessarily impacted by other’s energy, emotions and feelings.

 Your ability to keep yourself energetically clear and clean is essential to your health and well-being.

A healthy looking auric field looks like a smooth, egg-shape energy, approximately 3 feet (or one meter) in every direction outside the denser physical body. When experiencing fear the auric field would tend to be contracted and close to the body, perhaps a foot or less away. When you are not being fully anchored with your consciousness into your body, you are likely to feel spaced out or not in the “present moment.” When this happens your auric field is extended anywhere from five feet to twenty feet or more away from the physical body, in a very unhealthy way, that probably doesn’t feel too good either. This often happens in public places, with a lot of people around and chaotic energy that throws us out of balance.

Lack of healthy auric boundaries allows us to be very open to picking up, and storing emotions, pain and thoughts from others. If we repeatedly allow the energy of intense stress, trauma, depression and abuse into our personal energy spaces it can create holes in the auric field making us even more susceptible to energy that is not our own.

Most people who are “sensitive” and tend to feel drained after repeated interactions with others are most likely needing to make a stronger and clearer auric boundary. The more sensitive you are, the more it is critical that you learn how to clean and protect your auric boundaries on a daily basis, sometimes even several times per day. It’s similar to brushing our teeth or taking a shower or bath for our more dense physical body.

Maintaining, clearing and clearing one’s auric boundaries are like setting up a protective permeable membrane system.

We allow good, uplifting energy to enter and negative energy to bounce off or be reflected. Our personal energy, the vibration we are resonating at, will attract situations and people of similar energy, into our life. If my auric field is mostly negative, filled with fear, anger, pain, non-forgiveness, then I will attract situations and people of similar energy into my life. It is like a mirror reflecting back to me. If I do not like what I’m seeing then I have some work to do to change myself in a way that offers more of what I want to be reflected back to me.

I have some suggestions for you that I think will help you to live more easily in the world and be able to be out among other people without being unduly or adversely impacted by their energies. It’s very important that you have a simple set of exercises that you use to keep proper energetic boundaries around yourself as much as possible, especially when you are outside of your home. I do this myself and continually remind myself to keep proper energetic boundaries when I am around other people and away from my home because of my high sensitivities.

One primary thing that has sustained me during this stressful time is having a daily meditation practice. Another invaluable practice of mine is breathing in Light to the center of my heart and allowing it to radiate outward throughout my body and into my auric field. This is something that can be done throughout the day and helps to balance and align oneself in challenging situations. This can be done as simply as breathing in Light to the center of your heart with each breath for 14 breaths and allowing it to radiate throughout your body expanding within through and all around you.

This technique I received from a close friend and have studied very similar techniques. This is my personal and favorite expression of this technique.

As you become more skilled with the technique and have more practice doing it, you can align your auric field almost immediately with your intention and breath. Do it when confronted with challenging situations or before going into places that have been challenging to you.

Another life enhancing, stabilizing and aligning practice you can do is to take a few minutes before going to sleep at night to focus on and remind yourself of all the things that have gone “right” in your day and life. Focus on those things that are uplifting and simply feel “good” to you. And in the morning take a few minutes before getting up and starting your day to do the same thing. This will improve your life and all that comes into your life during the day.

I would like to offer you a little meditation to help synchronize your frequency with the incoming frequencies available to us to help make life a little more graceful and easy. Please give yourself at least 15 minutes where you will be undisturbed and able to allow this process to help and harmonize you.

  1. Set the space around you in whatever way will support you and offer you a sense of feeling secure and safe.
  2. Imagine and feel you have energy radiating out of your hands (which you do, whether you know it, can see, or feel it). Allow your hands to trace your auric boundary that is shaped a bit like an egg about an arm’s length all around you, above your head and below your feet as well.
  3. Notice, see, feel, hear, sense – in whatever way you can – the frequency and vibration that you are residing in. Just allow yourself to get an overall sense or feeling in some way what is the predominant frequency of vibration that is contained within your personal auric boundaries. Imagine, feel, see, sense or possibly just know there is a greater, higher and more elevated energy all around you.
  1. Using your breath, begin to breathe in this higher vibration and frequency energy all around you into your body and allow it to radiate through you and out from you with each in breath and each exhale. You might see it as a particular color of light or feel it in a way unique to you. You can imagine and intend it to be a particular color, sound or energetic that is especially beneficial for you in this particular moment. Simply through intention you are choosing this higher energy and breathing it in and out. The more solid and “real” it is to you the more effective this will be and become.


Please do this as long as you have time and it feels good to you to continue this process.

Keep really grounded to the Earth and allow the Earth to do what it needs to do. Sometimes it will feel like anxiety coming up, just breathe through it and let it come up and out.

Hope you have found this enlightening and perhaps tried the meditation, breathing and aura boundary work.

In some of you, you will notice it quickly; others depending on your mind and body state and perhaps where you live will take longer.

Don’t give up!

Next Blog, Resonance

In Love and Light

“Love is the central dominant frequency of the human body, and the frequency of the heart stabilizes all of the other frequencies, and a distinct attribute and key to healing.”   © Rick Ulmer 2017

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