Kidneys perform the essential function of removing toxins and other “deemed” waste products from the blood. This, for an average adult to be 100 >150 quarts for blood to produce 1 to 2 quarts of urine, composed of wastes and what the body deems extra fluid.

Kidney and liver drainage and correct function is central to any successful healing protocol, as it relieves stressful congestion to these vital organs. This in turn assists in the clarification of extracellular matrix (ECM), without which, deep and thorough restoration will not be realized.

There are three different sources for intoxication that can have a negative effect on the function of the specific organs that regulate elimination from various parts of the body.

  1. Exogenous toxins are those of the chemical and psychological nature that directly affect the tissues of the body. These include, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, environmental pollution and emotional trauma (anxiety or shock)
  2. Endogenous toxins are those that come from within the body. These can come from viruses, fungi, yeasts and diseases that affect the normal function for the body.
  3. Autogenous toxins are those that are created by the body itself and can be related to genetic predisposition and / or the constitutional or personality traits of the individual.


The body drains toxins through various excretory organs and tissues, which include kidneys, liver, skin and mucous membranes. Once these systems are draining and tonified, the case opens to reveal what was at one time a “Cloaked Disturbance” or “rigid signal”.

The kidneys as the liver are key to this process;

When I look to understanding the direction to healing I will look first to understanding the Exogenous, Endogenous and Autogenous toxins to understand the direction to healing.

It is well understood that until the extra cellular matrix is clarified, there will not be a complete cellular resolution.

Looking first to the Lymphatic system to understand and assist in the clarification of the systemic drainage pathways, then I look to botanicals to assist and decongest, drain and detoxify at the physical level and then homeopathic drainage customized to target the point of focal interference.

By utilizing these combinations, the local systemic drainage pathways are liberated and healing is the natural outcome as the obstacles (blockages) are no longer an issue.

While treating the physical layer I also look to include flower remedies designed to assist in the drainage and tonification function of the emotional terrain.

It is important to understand that drainage without tonification will prove ineffective, as cells and organs may well buckle under the stain of detoxification.

A patient may feel better initially, however in the long run, the damage will be apparent often in the form of other conditions.

Using a blend of low potentized, ascending homeopathic glandulars to support the lymph and thymus and other essential organs combine elegantly with botanicals, nutritionals, cell salts and flower essences to complete the case picture and ensure a well measured and proportionate response long term.

It’s all about applying, the right Remedy, at the right Time, at the right Level, in the right Sequence.


A note about the author;

  • Rick Ulmer has been practicing as a Master EAV technician since 2000
  • Has graduated from the Energetix College of Bioenergetic Medicine,  
  • He follows the healing methodology Dr. Reinhold Voll
  • Is commissioned on certification with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
  • Certified in clinical acupuncture
  • Certified Master Reiki Practitioner

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